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Document Types

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The purpose of this function is to create and maintain Document Types that can be applied on Document  Master to categorize and control Documents.


Similar to what commodity codes and product codes do for Part Master records, a document type in terms of documents also serves the purposes of categorizing documents as well as specifying rule and default values that are applied to control documents and to ease the process of data entry.


A Document Type  can specify certain document revision change control rules.


A Document Type  can specify default values for document location, responsibility and security classification.


A Document Type  can specify certain rules regarding document distribution.


A Document Type  can specify certain rules regarding the linking of a document to parts, the policy regarding document structures  and the linking of associated documents.


Once these default values and rules have been specified, functions such as Document Master and Document Distribution will apply the default values (to assist with data entry) and will enforce the rules that were specified when document master data is maintained, when document revisions are made and when documents are distributed.


Thus, in addition to aid with document identification and searches per type, it also plays a major role in the change- and distribution processes.


The Document type also allows you identify which additional descriptive attributes are applicable to a certain document type to further describe a document.


Where do I find this functionality

The function can be accessed directly from the Menus and Specific function.

On the Menus, it resides under Document Management (but this is customizable and can reside under a variety of menu tabs).


Number Control

Number control is not applicable to document types.