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Electronic Fund Transfer Configuration

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Electronic fund transfer configuration function is used to maintain all static data and default options related to Electronic fund Transfer transactions (EFT's).  Most of these data are provided from ACB via the client's external banking institution e.g. User Code, Installation generation number. It is extremely important to configure these data correctly - since these data will be used for the creation of each EFT file and if it doesn't correspond then the EFT file will be rejected by the bank.


hmtoggle_plus1Bank Code

The configuration of Electronic fund transfers must be done for each internal bank which needs to create EFT files.  This field will populate all bank codes as setup on the function Bank Internal.


hmtoggle_plus1Bank Code Description

This is an text field that display the description of the internal bank as setup on the function Bank Internal.


Authority Matrix


Eft File Formats

Service Codes