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Eft File Creation

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This tab creates the eft file submitted to the bank. Only efts with the status of "SECOND APPROVAL" will be populated on this tab.


hmtoggle_plus1Bank Code

This is the bank codes as defined on the Bank Transaction function.


hmtoggle_plus1Create File

This button will create the file that is uploaded into the banks software.  The file will reside on the path specified on the Electronic Fund Transfer Configuration function.


hmtoggle_plus1File Name

This is the name of the file that will be created and must be submitted to the bank. The prefix for the file are configured on the Electronic Fund Transfer Configuration function.


hmtoggle_plus1List view

All transactions with the specific bank and user code that are ready to be eft'ed will be shown in this list view.


hmtoggle_plus1One Payment Date For All Transactions

If this checkbox is selected, all the effective dates will be defaulted to the date selected in the grid.  Once it is unchecked the effective dates can be set individually.


hmtoggle_plus1The Grid

With this grid the final settings can be added before the eft file is created.  The grid contains the following fields.


EFT Reference Number
Beneficiary ID
Transaction Date
Reference Number
Effective Date
Service Code


The Reference number can be overwritten and the effective date (Actual payment date) can be changed.


The service code will be determined according to the effective date as well as the cut off time specified on the Electronic Fund Transfer Configuration function where the used code are a multi service code user code. If the user code are  a single service code user code, the single service code will be used.


No payments can be made on Sundays or public holidays.  If one of these dates are chosen, the date will automatically default to the next working date.


hmtoggle_plus1Total Selected For Payment

Displays the total amount that are paid in the specific EFT file.


hmtoggle_plus1User Code

This is the user codes as linked to the selected bank through the Electronic Fund Transfer Configuration User Code tab. If only one user code exists for the specific bank code the user code will default, when no default exists the user need to select the user code needed.