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Employee Information

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This function is used to define and maintain data relating to employees in your Company.  This entails general and personal details, financial rates and security

passwords of employees.  It also provides the ability to assign "acting" employees for a defined period of absence.


In addition, it provides for the granting of personal limits of authorisation relating to the approval of requisitions for capital and non-capital goods.



To view the General Info tab, Acting Fortab and the Authorisation Limits tab, the user must have a security profile linked to the function Employee Information

with an access allowed of Inquire.


To view the Employee Rates tab, the user must be:


Anybody with inquiry rights.
If the signed on user is the selected employee.
If the signed on user is the employee's cost centre manager.
If the signed on employee is the employee's cost centre's division manager or division accountant.


To view the Security tab, the user must have a security profile linked to the function Password Maintainer.


Change rights to the security profile named Employee Master Maintainer can change any person's detail.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus0Exclude Inactive Employees

When checked will exclude Inactive Employees in the Name populating list.


When unchecked will populate ALL employees in the system whether they are active or inactive.


It is populated with the surname, first name, middle initial and employee ID from the Employee Master table.


The number of characters to be entered before the list is shown is governed by the value of populate length (mandatory).