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Equipment Base

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This function serves the purpose to keep track of equipment for serialised/lot controlled parts (whether involving main equipment manufactured by yourself and shipped to customers, or being your own equipment or equipment inherited for maintenance).


Some of the primary features are:

The ability to uniquely define a piece of equipment and record all events in its life cycle since its inception, receipt, commissioning, maintenance- and failure events, upgrades performed up to its eventual sale, scrap or obsolescence.

Every status event can relate to an order and can reflect the warranty information for the equipment, its current location and ownership.


The ability to create a multi-level structure for the Equipment base and to maintain the structure when parts are removed or replaced during maintenance events or during modifications/upgrades or the application of substitute parts.

"Top-down" and "where-used" date based views are provided.


The equipment base and structure can be manually defined via this function, but take note of the application's ability to automatically insert into an existing equipment base structure or to create a new equipment base at the time of shipping sales order lines. (This is achieved if the part being shipped is a serialised/lot controlled maintenance significant item for which the equipment base option has been set to "yes" on it's Part Master record). See "Production to Customer" movement and "Return to equipment base" for more detail.


The ability to express the denomination of life of the equipment (and for intended equipment missions) in several consumption units of measure.

The measurement of an item's denomination of life is user-defined and  codes can be defined for e.g. hours, minutes, days, miles, kilometers and others. The actions can be expressed in detail such as Elevations, Take-offs and landings, Effective full charges or any other user-defined codes.


When defining the denomination of life for Equipment, the maintenance actions required after the consumption of a specified number of DOL units can be specified. These can include routine inspections, services (minor, major and total overhaul) and you can apply the earliest of either the number of DOL units consumed or a specified date.


The logging of applied consumption units of, e.g.  an aircraft, can be expresses in  multiple consumption units and thus, after a mission, can be reported as e.g. flight-hours = 20, take-offs and landings = 30, APU hours = 3. This report back can auto-update the consumed units of all items in the structure measured in the same DOL units.


Prior to departing or scheduling equipment for a mission, the mission can be tested for a variety of consumption units (e.g. for a main battle tank, test mission of 200 kilometers and test mission of 400 effective full charges fired and test mission for 45 hours for auxiliary power unit time. All items in the structure where a scheduled maintenance date falls within the mission time-span or the remaining consumption units before the next maintenance event is in-adequate to complete the mission, is exposed, thus testing the mission feasibility and high-lighting actions required prior to mission execution.


Full equipment maintenance and status history is provided and a direct association is made between a maintenance event and the associated maintenance or repair order, the material- and labour cost expended (with authorization details) as well as identification  of all unplanned/un-scheduled activities where parts had to be replaced or additional labour was expended.


The results of all maintenance events and inspections can be recorded and a full interface exists with quality inspection results and actions and with project specific requirements for quality, acceptance, documentation and other requirements to be adhered to.


Associated functions where data is created to be applied when the Equipment base is defined and maintained, are:

"Equipment DOL actions"

"Equipment status"

"Denomination of life"

"Equipment DOL action allowed"

"Equipment position"

"Equipment DOL consumption"

"MSI Missions"

"Receipt from equipment base"

"Return to equipment base"