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External Journals

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This function is used to insert journals (of which the source is external to Qmuzik) in order to update general ledger accounts for either cost centres or divisions with the applicable amounts posted to the financial periods you have selected.


Journal entries must balance within a financial period.


If you are working with a comma delimited file ensure that, if the first column (accounts) does not contain a value, that you type in a space or an apostrophe so that the External Journal function recognises the column.


TIP: If you are working with an Excel spreadsheet, the values with a date (financial period) or values beginning with zero's, can either be typed in as a text format or an apostrophe can be typed in front of the value, to ensure that Excel does not format it to a date or general field, for example, "1999-03" or 0031.


INQUIRE: The user must have a security profile linked to the function External Journals with an access allowed of Inquire.