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External Object

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This function is used to define external objects, to search for objects and to link these objects to System objects.


External objects are electronic files created in an application other than the System i.e. (Word files, Bitmap files, Excel files, Autocad Drawing etc).  These electronic files can be linked to any business object i.e. (an autocad drawing can be linked to a part or a contract to an order).


The Object Definition tab is used to introduce an object to the System, name it and define where the Object resides (object store).


The Object Structure tab is used to define relationships between objects.  By defining these relationships between objects, it is visible, via the structure of the objects, what role the object plays in its structure (parent or child).  It is also possible to link the parent object in the structure to a business solution object and via the structure, you are able to view the component external objects linked to the parent's object therefore eliminating the need to link both the parent and the component's objects.


The Search tab is used to search for external objects using the various search methods.  The search methods available range from "Search by Table", "Search by Characteristic and Value", "Search by Value Only" and "Search by Words in Title".  To enable the user to effectively retrieve External objects, it helps to link characteristics to objects, which will aid the user in their search i.e. (all policy documents can have a characteristic linked to it called "Policy").


The Results tab displays the results from the "Search" tab.  The results displayed will present all linked objects based on search criteria on the "Search" tab.  It also gives the ability to view either the object or characteristic structure of a selected object in explode or implode view depending on the settings selected in the "View Structure" and "Navigation Direction" frames.


The Link tab provides the functionality to link an object to a system object or to delete existing links.



The user must have a security profile linked to the function External Object with an access allowed of Inquire.