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When the Results tab is clicked, the invoice age analysis is performed according to the selected settings.  The results returned from the invoice age analysis are displayed in a matrix form.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Results Detail

This grid, displays a breakdown of the total displayed in the column that the user double clicked on in the results matrix grid, for the invoice analysis performed.


To return to the invoice age analysis options double click on an entry.

hmtoggle_plus1Results Matrix Grid

It is populated with the results from the invoice age analysis, according to the options the user selected.


By double clicking on a specific unsettled or settled cell in the grid, the detail for that cell is displayed in another list.  Where the user clicks on the subtotal and total columns, these clicks will be ignored.


The form resizes horizontally and the user can adjust the cell widths for easier viewing.


The age intervals can be adjusted on the System Configuration screen.  Any changes effected will be applied on the next inquiry.