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Finance Reason Code

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This function is used to create reason codes for financial purposes.


Reason codes can be added on the first tab and made active for up to three different financial areas.  


The second tab, called Non Payment Invoices, will show all the outstanding invoices for a selected supplier.   A reason code can be added to an outstanding invoice (I.e. if it is decided that the invoice will not be paid).   This detail, with a date and time stamp will then be recorded in a table named Non_Payment_Invoices.

These date and time stamps show when the non payment decision was made and why (reason code).


These reasons for non-payment can be displayed on an MS Excel preliminary payment advice provided the invoices reside under the 'Invoices not to be paid' section.  This report is run from the Creditors Payment function.  The reason codes will also be visible on the invoice results tab in the grid in the same function.