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On the grouping tab the user can add a work centre to a work centre group.

a work centre can belong to more than one group.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed.


hmtoggle_plus1Work Centre Group

To link a work centre group to a work centre the user can select a group from the dropdown list. The dropdown list is populated from the table "Work_Centre_Grouping" with Work Centre Group Code's that is not linked to the selected work centre.

or the user can enter a new grouping code that is to be linked to the selected work centre.

the group is linked by clicking the V (down) arrow.


By clicking the down arrow the data is inserted to the table "Work_Centre_Grouping"


By clicking the up arrow date is deleted from the table "Work_Centre_Grouping"

hmtoggle_plus1Group(s) To Which The Work Centre is Linked

This is the default option and will display the groups to which the work centre is linked.

hmtoggle_plus1Work Centres Linked To Group

If this option is selected the user must select a group in the field "Work Centre Group". The system will then list all the work centres linked to this group