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There is no table associated with this function.

The data is stored in the Equipment_DOL_Consump_Type_History table. This screen aids the user to accurately estimate the number of consumption units for a particular reading date. The parameters are the location (building), category (with associated DOL code and action code) and reading date. It then displays the accepted record’s consumption units for the same day a year ago and for the 3 months prior to the reading date. The full time employee count for the current period as well as the Total square meters and Percent occupancy is also displayed. It is read from the location_master_history according to the financial period of the reading date selected.

The effective date on the Location Master history table applies to all fields but is not read when displaying active or inactive buildings. This field is interpreted as either currently inactive or currently active.A calculator button is provided to allow the user to calculate the correct units for entry into the new record.


See Consumption Master.