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Hand Journal

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Hand Journals, also known as manual journals, are used to post manual adjustments between Accounts.


Hand Journals can either be referenced manually or automatically by Number Control on System Configuration.


Hand Journals can be entered between Accounts, Nodes or Accounts and Nodes.  Where Hand Journals are entered between Nodes or a Node and an Account, the Account where a Node is entered is derived from the Node entered.  The Account will be either the Node Material Account as on the Account tab of the Node entered, or if no Account exists on the Account tab of the Node, the project management work-in-progress Account for the Node's Division will be used.


Hand Journals can only be entered against a Node if, Hand Journals for Nodes Allowed on System Configuration is set to Allow.  When a Hand Journal is entered between two Nodes, with the same Account, a journal is created with a debit and credit to the same Account with zero effect.  It will, however, act as a transfer of funds between the two Nodes affected.