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How to use this help

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The help pages are divided into two frames : the Table of Contents on the left, and the help topics on the right.


Table of Contents frame

The table of contents is used to navigate to a help topic via a tree menu, a keyword index or a free text search.


The "Contents"-section is divided into the same sections as the Qmuzik menu. Click on the "Contents" keyword and use the tree to navigate to a specific help topic.



Click on the "Index" keyword to see a list of keywords. Use the letters to jump to words starting with that letter, and then select the keyword to open the topic(s).


The "Search" keyword will ask you for word(s) to search on. Click on the "Search" button to show a list of results. The word(s) that you searched for, will be highlighted in the text.


Help Topic frame

At the top of this frame, a "bread-crumb-trail" will show your current position and subject in the help system. You can click on the parent subjects to jump back to those topics.


The following icons are always available in the top right corner.



Will open a list of generic TRAINing manuals.


Show an alphabetical list of all functions


Go back to the previous topic that you've viewed. Works the same as the back button in your browser.


Print the current topic.


Go to the previous topic. This icon will be gray if you are viewing the very first topic.


Jump to the parent topic.


Go to the next topic. This icon will be gray if you are viewing the very last topic.