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Inventory Analysis

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The Inventory Analysis Function will provide the user with information on inventory. The function has many inclusion as well as exclusion criteria which is either represented by Yes No checkboxes or Filters in combo boxes which will either narrow the data search or allow the user to filter out certain data elements. Data will be displayed in a grid format which can be exported to excel. The report can be run in a detail mode or in a summarized mode which when selected allows the user to specify two grouping criteria. The grouping criteria can be for instance a select By Division By store or By Division by Buyer etc. This will then show the inventory values in the selected stack valuation per the group and sub group. The only columns that can be selected in a summarized mode is the values of inventory as well as the one or two columns selected the in the Primary or Secondary Groups. Any cost elements selected will also be totaled in the totals columns at the bottom or the results grid.