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Invoice Header

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The Invoice Header is created by selecting the supplier and entering the invoice number.

The invoice date must also be entered. The user then clicks on the Add button.

The invoice may also be placed On Hold here.


The user then selects the Invoice Line tab.

All invoice line details are added here. The quantity is always zero. Apply saves/creates the line.

The user then clicks on a line and goes to the invoice Line Link tab. The link is created matching the invoice line. It is recommended that a single link be created per line. The additional cost option is selected. The Link Class is selected to match the consumption category for those consumption related lines and then other link classes that are unrelated to consumption e.g. interest.

For credit links, the credit link option is selected.


The invoice is not paid in the Qmuzik system as per the business requirements.

See the Creditors training material for additional detailed information.