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Journal Source

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This function is used to maintain journal source codes used for system generated and external journals.


Journal processing periods can be managed for specific internal journals or for all external journal sources.  This enables the user to keep certain financial periods open after the financial calendar indicates that it should be closed.  A special program is set to run every night at say 24:00 on the System Configuration function. This program will close the financial periods for the journal sources that should be closed.  This will prevent the situation where a closed financial period bucket is kept open and someone forgets to close it.  When a new financial period starts this program will also remove the oldest financial periods and add the latest financial periods to the Journal Settings grid.  If this "watchdog" program fails, notification is mailed to each person with change rights to the function named "System Configuration"



The user must have a security profile linked to the function Journal Source with an access allowed of Inquire.



Journal Setting