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Location Label Print

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This function is used to print bar coded labels(stickers) that is to be attached to the location in the store.  The function also gives the user the ability to configure the location number format to suit the company needs.


Example of a location label:


The label shows the Division/Store/Location


Row = AA

Starting Number = 20

Increment = 10

Number of Copies = X

Location Length = 5

Padding Character = 0

The function also allows the user to set up the location data in a Excel spreadsheet that can be referenced to generate the location labels.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



The user must select a valid division.

hmtoggle_plus1From File

In the from file frame the user can specify and excel spreadsheet to be used.


By clicking on the generate button the system will determine and suggest the location labels in the grid.


The number by which the next number must be incremented for example if the starting number is 10 and the increment is 10 then the next number will be 20.

hmtoggle_plus1Location Format

In the Location Format frame the user must specify the location length and padding character.

hmtoggle_plus1Location Length To Keep

This is the number of characters the system must use to generate the label. The number of characters is excluding the row characters. The system will display an error if for the number of stickers the location length is insufficient.

hmtoggle_plus1Location Name

Under the column "Location Name" the suggested location records will be displayed. The user can maintain the individual records if necessary by changing the data in the row.


If clicked it will add the spreadsheet data in the grid.

hmtoggle_plus1Number Of Copies

This is the number of labels that is to be generated.

hmtoggle_plus1Padding Characters

This is the character that must be used to fill the location length. It is recommended that a single character be used, for example 0 (Zero).


This is the spreadsheet path.


To print the selected labels the print button must be clicked. Only selected records will be printed.


In the rack frame the user must specify the Starting Number, Increment and Number of Copies.


This is the row identification for example AA or AB or RACK.


To print labels at least one row must be selected. The user can select individual rows by clicking a check box under the heading select. To select "ALL" the user must double click on the column heading "Select".

hmtoggle_plus1Show Only Locations

If checked only the Location record will be displayed in the Location Name field.  If unchecked the Location record will be prefixed with the Division and Store.

hmtoggle_plus1Starting Number

This is the number from witch the next number is to be generated it can be for example 1, 10,100 etc.


This field will only populate with stores for the selected division.  The user must select a valid store for which the location stickers are to be printed.