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Location Master Organisation

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This function allows the user to select valid combinations of locations (buildings) and vendors (suppliers) OR locations and branches (cost centers).

Tab 1: Suppliers

The intention is to add only carbon-related suppliers. Should a supplier/vendor be  added without a location, this will imply that it is a global supplier and services more than one building or sub region.

Vendors are a type 2 (external) organisation type.

Tab 2 : Cost centre/Branches

The function allows users to select a valid combination of locations (buildings) and branches/cost centers.

In the case of Nedbank, only location/vendor combinations should be added manually as the location branch combinations will be entered via an interface with Building Master.

Branches are a type 1 (internal) organisation type.


The Group parameter allows the user to select suppliers that belong to a specific external organisation group (See function External Organisation Grouping Code). The check box called ‘Only suppliers for selected group’ (when checked,) limits the suppliers populated from the External Organization table (and function) in the Supplier combo box.


 The relevant table is Location_Master_Organisation.