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Location Specific Consumption Target

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The second tab of this function handles the following : Given that not all buildings “perform” the same – i.e. manage to reduce their consumption by the same rate/amount, specific targets are then created annually for each building. These are also recorded in this function but are obviously location specific and their target percentages and timescales differ.

All fields are required to be entered except for the Target Percentage and the Target Financial Period for year-on-year (YOY) targets. These will require the aforementioned fields to be specified PER location. Targets per building/location cannot exist without their master data having been created on the first tab.

The Defaults button (with tool tip : ‘populates the locations that were used in the previous record for the same Target Name, Category, DOL and Action Codes’)

is a method that may be used by the user to create new targets for the coming financial year. When the user clicks on this button, the system automatically populates the grid with all locations with target data for the year prior to the one being created. It uses the max ‘To Financial Period’ existing before the current From Financial Period, and must match on Target Name, Category, DOL and Action Codes. The user can then just add the target percentage to each location. Obviously, the user can also add targets for new locations in the normal manner.

The Location parameter populates from Location Master. Location description is also displayed for clarity.

All fields in the grid, with the exception of the Comments and Consumption Category fields, are mandatory. The DOL code may not be blank.

The relevant table is Consumption_Target_Location.