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Module Licensing

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The Module Licensing function displays licenses awarded to modules available in the system. This function does not relates to standard / normal functionality in the system. Modules can be updated or removed which will make some Installed Licenses void and can be deleted.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



A module license will be provided/purchased where after a License key will be sent via e-mail. This can be paste in the Install/Update Module License text box.  When the Apply button is clicked the module will be updated or become available for use.


Standard functional module will appear as a valid license during the five-day grace period for renewal.


The user must have a security profile linked to the function Module Licensing with an access allowed of Delete to be able to delete module licenses.

When a module license will become irrelevant or replaced by a newer or updated version, an entry can be deleted by selecting the applicable license key and delete it by clicking on this button.


When a module is canceled or the use of a module is stopped, it can also be deleted.


Standard functionality cannot be deleted.


When clicked the user will exit the Module Licensing function.


When clicked the user will exit the whole ERP system.

hmtoggle_plus1Install/Update Module License

This text box display new and updated functionality that can be installed for new modules or to update already installed modules. A module license key will be issued that can be paste into this text box that will activate the module when the Apply button is clicked. The new key will be displayed in the Installed License list box.

hmtoggle_plus1Installed Licenses

This list box displays the already installed (active) modules and the key representing the license for that module.