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These options provide the user with the ability to specify which additional information should be displayed in the results in addition to the standard columns that are shown.


Typical Next Steps

Select the columns on the tab to view on the movement history results.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Max Rows

The maximum number of list entries allowed as specified via the System Configuration function, is applied by default. The user can however place a further limitation on the number of results to be displayed by setting the value in this field. The value may never exceed the System Configuration value and if the function informs you that all rows were not displayed in the results, the best option will be to limit the movement types and provide additional selective parameters.

hmtoggle_plus1Movement Detail

Selecting any of these options will display the selection as an additional column in the Results tab.

hmtoggle_plus1Order Detail

It displays (read only) the order detail I.E. the order number, order type, line type, line number, completion date and the days early/late from the Movement table for the selected part number and, if selected, the order line key.

hmtoggle_plus1Part Detail

It displays (read only) the pat number, part description, fixed account, serial/lot number, parent serial/lot number and revision from the Movement and Part Master tables for the selected part number, and, if selected, the order line key.