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Movement History

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The "Detail" tab displays the output of the Query which, can be exported via the Export Utility function.  The user has the option to view more detail for any of the transactions by selecting either "Movement Detail" or "Journal Detail".


When the user clicks on any of the detail output lines in the list box, a "Journal Detail" or Movement Detail" screen containing all the Movement/Journal detail, pops up depending on the selection made.



Definition of the function / tab / field (combo / text field) / button / grid / grid column / (General / Process / Topic) What is the purpose of this item. Why is this here. How do we use this functionality.


This function is used as an online inquiry function covering all the movement transactions for a specific part or order line completion date combination. History is kept for both stock items and non-stock events, for example, movements on non-stock orders.


Impact of changing the value

Will not always be used, but here we display warnings and what-if scenario’s.

Delete section if not needed.


Typical Next Steps

Complete the parameters and go to Results for the history to be displayed.


Security Settings / Who can change

The user must have a security profile linked to the function Movement History with an access allowed of Inquire.



Complete as many parameters as possible for optimal results.