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Msi Maintenance Kit

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This function is applied to enhance, but simultaneously simplify the repair/maintenance routines where requirements for repair or maintenance must be added or Order operations (maintenance tasks) must be defined to specify the scope of work to be performed.


The Customer order "Repair requirements" tab has an additional mode being "From MSI Maintenance Kits". This mode enables you to select a predefined maintenance kit that was linked via this function to the order line part to be repaired or maintained.

This mode can be used in conjunction with the other modes that are offered.


You can thus create repair requirements via the "Parent part" or "Order ops" and then decide to do an "Inspection 1" or "Oil service" simultaneously. Select the mode and the appropriate maintenance kit. All the required parts for the specified service kit will be displayed in the list for selection.


The mode is also available on Order Operations. All the maintenance operations linked to the "kit" part number will be displayed as available Order Operations/tasks.


You can thus repair only, or maintain (service) only OR perform a combination of any of these tasks.

This also means that you no longer have to specify your "repair deliver to ops" in the original equipment Product structure at all in order to execute maintenance tasks.


The basic routine to link maintenance kits to a MSI part is as follows:

Create a part master record for the Maintenance kit with an appropriate description e.g. "E36 petrol engine oil service".

Identify the part as a manufactured or phantom part number.

Also ID the part as a planning bill on part master.

Create a product structure for the Kit. (define all the required parts to execute "oil service" or "inspection 1 service" e.g. oil filters, oil, gaskets, air filters etc.)

Create part operations for the associated maintenance tasks related to the service. Define the operations as type "maintenance".


Use the MSI Maintenance kits function to link the kit(s) to a maintenance significant item.


The same kit can be linked to a variety of MSI parts. (If many models of a vehicle apply  the E36 engine, the E36 engine oil service kit can be linked to all these models).


The 2nd tab "Kit inquiry" is applied to view all the applications of a selected kit in a where-used fashion.


The kits do not have to be for service requirements only, but can also be applied for repair tasks. You can specify a kit for "engine overhaul", "Alternator repair" or any task where the required material and labor can be predefined.


Tasks that do not require any material, can also have defined kits, thus having no product structure but a number of part operations to define the tasks involved e.g. kit description = "test brakes" with linked tasks "remove wheels", "check brake linings and disc pads", "check brake pedal action", "check brake fluid level", "fit wheels", "on road test for braking action and distance" etc. These tasks will all appear on the Order operations screen for selection.


The maintenance kits can also be applied in the Sales forecast functionality to forecast availability of materials for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities.




You need a security profile linked to the MSI Maintenance Kits function

with an access allowed of Inquiry.