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Credit Link Class Detail

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This tab is used to define specific discount percentages to a organization and link it to a credit link class.



This is the credit link class code that are displayed from the Credit_Link_Class table.



In the grid a credit link class can be linked to a organisation and specific account.


This combo are populated with all active organisations; organisations code and name from the external_organsiations table.


Displays the name for the selected organisation from the external_organisation table.


Populate with all active accounts, for which the account code has application for debtors credit from the account and account_codes tables.


A credit link class can have on of three types:


Discount (Will allow a credit line on a print approved debtor invoice)
Rebate (Only allowed on debtor invoices which are not print approve)


The discount percentage that will be used to suggest a credit line for debtor invoices as a discount form the function debtor settlement.


Indicates whether the specific link class, organisation code and account are valid to be used in transactions.