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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Tree Structure

When the user double clicks on a results cell (in a financial period column that has a valid NPE or account code), the detail of the values summed will be displayed in this tree structure, for the NPE and account codes used in the specific rows calculation.


To view the detail of a first level item, double click on it.  All values displayed in the tree are only for the specific financial period selected on the spreadsheet regardless of the summation option selected.


The first level of the tree displays all the non posting entities (account codes which are released in the formula of the cell).  It is often only one non posting entity/account code.


The "Sub Total" displays the summation of all the account codes directly linked to this non posting entity (not via other non posting entities).  The "Grand Total" is only displayed for the first level of the tree.


The tree explodes through the Non Posting Entity structure up to account code level.  Each account code, in combination with a division/cost center represents an account (the number of which is displayed to the right of the division/cost center).


Each account value is substantiated by showing all the Journal Entries appearing in the selected financial period for that account.