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Non Posting Entity Reports

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This function is used to produce financial reports.  User supplied formulas with non posting entity and/or account code references is applied and are displayed per financial period per row. Reports can be saved for reuse.


Non posting entities typically group account codes i.e. there might be 4 different sales account codes.  They can be linked to 1 non posting entity.  The non posting entity therefore reflects total sales.


To see a detailed drill down, double click on a cell in the result box.  To do "what if" analysis or print the results, export the results to another application (Excel).  To export, click on "F1" and select the export option.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Report Name

It is populated with a distinct report name from the NPE Reporting table.


The number of characters to be entered before the list is shown is governed by the value of "populate length" (mandatory).


To create a new report, add the new name in the "Report Name" field and the formulas and click the "Save Rep" button.