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Order Master

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This function is used to create and maintain internal orders for the production, rework,

modification, maintenance and repair of inventory items and/or assemblies. The process

involves the creation of an order header and detailed order lines to schedule and execute

internal production activities.


All order types can be manually created, although the normal process would involve the

firming and releasing of MRP Planned production and interplant orders.


Other order types such as rework and repair have to be created manually, since MRP

can not automatically calculate the need to rework, modify or repair stock. MRP runs

do offer the option to automatically release all planned production orders for fixed

account parts within a user specified horizon.


The various tabs provide for entry and maintenance of order line detail, requirements

and order operations. The function automatically creates requirements for production

orders using the bill of material, while manual entry is required to specify the part

numbers and quantities required for rework, modification, repair and maintenance



The issuing of stock to an order and the reporting of order progress in terms of

quantities completed or scrapped are performed using the Movement functions.


Through the Overview tab the user can perform Multi-Line Rescheduling.


According to an order line rule "Additional_Pieces", the function will recognize the selected order line as one potentially having additional requirements for QA pieces or extra pieces.

This is visible via a new check box "Additional pieces exist" on the Line tab that will be checked if the BOM for the order line part had any QA pieces or extra pieces defined at time of order line creation.

When the order quantity is changed for an order line where the "Additional pieces exist" box is checked, the update will not be done immediately. A dialogue box will 1st appear to warn the user that any changes to the order qty may affect the requirements quantities and/or order operation quantities for extra pieces or QA pieces.

If the user clicks the "yes" option to proceed, the change is performed.

The Order line update trigger was also changed to send mail to the Order planner to inform the planner when the order qty was changed for a line that has QA or extra pieces. The planner then needs to respond to the mail by reviewing the requirements and order operations for additional pieces and to rectify the quantities as per new order qty for the line that was changed.


To adhere to the project part requirement setting where for a specific project the user can identify a manufactured part as being purchased for the project, the following rules must be remembered:

When the user "F"irmes or "R"eleases (Add and Change) an order line and if the order line part number has a source of manufactured and a project is specified the system will check if the part and project specifies that the part is to be purchased then a pop up message (159073) will be displayed informing the user of the setting and if the user then continues to launch the manufacturing order mail (mail message 10015)  will be sent to the project manager informing him or her  that a manufacturing order was launched



The user must have a security profile linked to the function Order Master with an

access allowed of Inquire.