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Step 2 - Select Parts

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On the Step 2 - Select Parts tab, the function will prompt the user to select a part. If the part selected has a product structure the function will populate all the parts in the structure which still has a fixed account setting of No, as candidates to be selected for conversion. If the part selected in the list view is an end item and the project manager wants to retain the selected part as a non-fixed account part for the purposes of invoicing partial payments, or if all development work in the structure has not yet been completed and the development life cycle of certain parts is not yet Production, its fixed account cannot be changed yet. To exclude the parent part from the available parts list, the checkbox next to the selected parts combo can be checked, which will exclude the selected part from the available list. This is just to help the user to exclude it and not to accidentally select it if it was not the intention.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Select Parts