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Part Inspection Requirements

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This function allows the user to set up data in order for the system to when a purchased part is received from a supplier and the movement supplier to store is perform and the goods is auto quarantined to auto create an internal production test piece order to manufacture a test piece. The test piece part number must be a manufactured part and must also have the related Purchased part number as a component in its product structure.


The system will, by means of predefined settings, calculate the order qty for the test piece order as per predefined quantities and must then auto-create a production order and order line with associated requirements as per Bill of material as well as Order operations.

It will calculate the order line start – and completion dates as current date + part master lead time as selected from the part master record of the test piece.

Since many test piece orders may exist over time as created for the qualification of a given Purchased item, a history record of the movement timestamp and the order line identity will also be inserted to the table “Movement Test Piece History”  for reference.

Mail is sent to the test piece part planner and quality controller to inform of and prompt for action regarding the auto-created order to be executed.

The test piece order must be completed to stock, but a setting is provided to auto-scrap the piece(s) after completion to a predefined scrap account and movement reason code.

To filter and distinguish test piece production orders from normal production orders, an Order master rule “test piece order” is linked to the order at time of auto-creation.


Note: The only supplier movement that can create a test piece order is “Supplier to Store”


N.B Auto numbering on system configuration is mandatory to be able to automatically create test piece orders.

If a part has inspection requirements in the new table below, it will be shown on Part Master as an attribute.


Data is inserted to the table "Part Inspection Requirement"