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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Denomination Of Life

It is the mean time between failures (mtbf) unit of measure for a part.  It is also used as a unit of measure for MSI (Maintenance Significant Items) Missions.


The number of DOL  (Denomination Of Life) units is used to indicate the size or length of a mission, for example, 1000 actions.  Denomination of Life (DOL) is specified on the Part Master table for the Maintenance Significant Item (MSI).


One of the following must be selected:


"A" equal to Actions

"T" equal to Time

"D" equal to Distance

"" equal to Not Applicable (default)


The Part DOL can not be N/A when the "Repair Type" option, "Repairable" is selected. When doing an inquiry on a part, this field will default to the denomination of life, of the selected part, from the Part Master table.

hmtoggle_plus1Equipment Base Option

The equipment base option for a part can only be selected if the product code to which the part is linked indicates that such parts are allowed to optionally participate in the equipment base process.  Another condition is that a part should be a maintenance significant item in order to participate in the equipment base process.


The main purpose of the Equipment Base is to keep track of main equipment shipped to customers.  It is also applied to keep track of the serialized/lot controlled components built  into the shipped equipment and history of  maintenance events and repairs, component replacements and the denomination of life of the equipment.


Equipment Base records can be for products manufactured and shipped by your company, or for equipment not manufactured by yourselves, but inherited for maintenance via a service contract from a customer or being your own equipment and facilities maintained for your own benefit.


Shipping of serialised parts to Customer contracts where the part participates in the Equipment base, will automatically prompt the user to select either the option to create a new Equipment ID, or to ship to an existing Equipment ID.


See "Equipment Base " and "Production to Customer " for more detail.

hmtoggle_plus1Maintenance Significant Item (Msi)

When checked, the maintenance significant item (msi) part value is equal to Yes (Y).


All MSI's are by default repairable, and, the system will therefore force the user to select a repair type of "R" (Repairable) when the MSI indicator is checked "Y".


When unchecked, the MSI Part value is equal to No (N).  When doing an inquiry on a part, this check box will default to checked/unchecked depending on whether MSI Part has a value of "Y", or "N" on the Part Master table.


MSI Part identifies parts that are Maintenance Significant Items (MSI's).  MSI's are the functional groups, systems and sub-systems that perform the main and/or critical functions of a product, and require non-trivial logistic support resources.

hmtoggle_plus1Msi Maintenance Option

This field states whether an item, when scheduled for maintenance or repair, is a  moveable or un-movable item. Movable MSI items can be physically moved to the shop floor and returned to a store or other location after completion of the maintenance (e.g. vehicles, tools, gauges, moveable products, assemblies or parts)in which case the system will require the item to be issued to the order/job card.

Non-moveable item has a fixed installation and can thus not be physically moved to the shop floor and returned to a store or other location after completion of the maintenance (e.g. buildings, facilities, installed machinery or other assets) in which case the system will not require the item to be issued to the order/job card.

It is then just referenced and tracked for history purposes.

hmtoggle_plus1Repair Type

The repair type indicator specifies whether a part is repairable or whether it must be discarded and replaced when a functional failure occurs.


You can also identify a part as "Under Logistical Consideration" I.E. parts that need special maintenance or that have hazardous characteristics.


Repair type "Repairable" must be selected if "Maintenance Significant Item (MSI)" is checked.  You can select one of the following options:


"R" equal to Repairable

"D" equal to Discardable

"L" equal to Logistical Consideration

"N" equal to None (default)