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The Price tab consist of four tabs named Financial Year Data, Part Sales Price, Part Price Scenario's, Part Sales Price Scenario's. The Price tab is applied to view the direct cost of a part, the sales price of a part where applicable, to create different part price scenario's and part sales price scenarios where applicable.  The financial year data tab also displays the last purchase detail for purchased and subcontract parts, the last average cost and last average cost calculation method, if average costing applies and not the standard costing model.  The part standard cost is defined per financial year, where the part sales price will apply from a specified financial year. It can be viewed via the Financial Year Data and Part Sales Price screens for all parts, but can only be maintained via this screen for Purchased, Customer-furnished, Sub-contract, and Interplant parts.  Even so, only selected cost elements can be maintained depending on the source I.E. Purchased and Customer-furnished (material cost only), Sub-contract (sub-contract only) and Interplant (transfer cost only).


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Financial Year Data

hmtoggle_plus1Part Price Scenario's

hmtoggle_plus1Part Sales Price

hmtoggle_plus1Part Sales Price Scenario's