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Part Number Search

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This function is a dedicated search engine used to search for part numbers that have similarities as defined in the search criteria.  When purely searching on part master criteria, at least three search elements need to be entered on the "Part Master Criteria" tab, for example, division, source and description or any other combination of three or more elements.


This function is also applied to search for standard item numbers that have similarities as defined on the "Additional Criteria" tab.  This includes a search on parts or standard items that have defined characteristics that match or adhere to the search criteria entered for characteristics.


A combination of search elements can be entered on both the "Part Master Criteria" and "Additional Criteria" tabs and the search will apply all select criteria entered.  Once the criteria have been entered, the "Search Results" tab must be clicked.  This will provide the option to view the results of the search, to be displayed in either standard item numbers or part numbers.


The "Search" icon is then clicked to execute the search.  The results will be displayed in the list box according to the display option selected.  Clicking on a part number in the list box and pressing the F7 key will open the Part Master screen with the key field (part number) already selected and the part data displayed.  The results can also be exported via the Export Utility by clicking on any row in the list box, pressing the F1 key and selecting "Export".  Note that the number of search arguments specified will directly impact on the time duration of the search.  The more criteria entered the shorter the time of the search.