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External Operation Cost

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Tab “External Op Cost”. Only allow users with a security profile to which the function “External OP Cost Maintainer” is linked will be ableto add or maintain data on this tab. The intention is that only buyers should be able to maintain the supplier and cost data on this tab.

On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



A record is added by clicking the down arrow On add data will be inserted to the table "Part_Operations_External" The user must have add rights on this tab.

hmtoggle_plus1Apply as Default

If this field is checked it means that this operation cost record is to be used as the default cost when calculating the planned cost for this operation (Refer to the tab View Selection) and this record will also be used as the default on external order operations when a quantity is to be sent to a supplier.


It will populate from the table Employee Master with employees where the Status is active and the Company_Buyer = "Y".


A record can be changed by clicking on a row in the list view and by changing the data in the separate fields above and by clicking on the change button.

On change the data in the table "Part_Operations_External" will be updated.

The user must have change rights on this tab.


A record can be deleted by clicking on a row in the list view and then clicking on the up arrow.

On delete the data will be removed from the table "Part_Operations_External" The user must have delete rights on this tab.


Related functions: Work Centre

hmtoggle_plus1Estimate Unit Cost

User must enter a value.


User can enter notes for each record added or changed.


It will populate only with operations from the table part operations for the part number selected where the work center on the operation is external.  The user must select a operation.

hmtoggle_plus1Part Number

If a new record is to be added the part number is populated from the table "Part Operations" with part numbers for which operation exists where the work centre on the operation is external (Work_Centre.External = 1)  The user must select a part number if the user has selected a part operation part number already it will default the selected part number if external operations exists for the selected part.

When a part number is selected all records that exists in the table for the part will be shown in the list view


It will populate from the table external organization with all suppliers where the Trading_Status_Creditors <> "I" (Inactive).

hmtoggle_plus1Type of Operation

It will be populated from the table part operations with the type of operation for the operation selected.