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Shelf Life Extension Definition

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Add And Remove Buttons3

The ad and remove buttons is used to create or remove Part Shelf life Extension definition records.


The Change button will allow the user to update a current definition of the part shelf life extension definition. Selecting a current record in the list box and changing the appropriate data field will update the data when change is clicked.


This is a display only field and will display the Description of the selected part number.

hmtoggle_plus1Extension Days3

The extension Days is used as the default number of days that the shelf life of a part can be extended after it has expired. Shelf life will be deemed extendable after expiry by the sum of the number of days of the extension numbers greater than the current extension of the part providing the extendable switch is checked.

hmtoggle_plus1Extension Number3

Extension number is a numeric value that the user inserts. The numeric values must follow sequentially from one to the max extension number.  The extension numbers generated here will be used on the function Part Shelf Life Expiry to extend the Shelf Life Expiry Date with the number of days specified as a default after the Shelf Life of the part has expired and is found to be extendable. The user will be able to extend the shelf life of a part uo to the number of extensions defined here.

hmtoggle_plus1Extension Number Listbox3

The list box will display the current Shelf Life extension definition of the part.

hmtoggle_plus1Part Number3

Only Parts with Limited Shelf Life and Parts where the value in the field Expiry Date Extension on Part Master is Yes will be populated in this Combo Box.

hmtoggle_plus1Shelf Life3

This is a display only field and will display the Shelf Life Days from the part master record of the selected part.

hmtoggle_plus1Shelf Life Extension Definition Tab

This tab is used to predefine the Shelf life extensions of a part for which shelf life can be extended. Shelf life extensions are defined in days and will be interpreted by the Shelf Life Expiry function, MRP as well as the store to order requirements movement functions. In order to be able to define the shelf life extensions of a part, the Part Master record of the part must have Limited Shelf Life and the Expiry Date Extension must be Yes.