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Working Life

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



This will ad the record for the selected data in the table Pat Working Life Definition.


If any data for a selected pat is changed and the change button is clicked, the record will be updated.


If the delete button is clicked, the selected record will be deleted.


The description field is a read only field and  will populate from the part master table for the selected part number.

hmtoggle_plus1Non Consumption Period4

If material can be removed from storage for a limited period without consuming working life, then the Non Consumption Period can be used to log the time it takes after removal out of the storage facility until aging starts to take place. This time will then be subtracted from the time outside of the storage facility.

hmtoggle_plus1Part Number4

The part Number will populate with parts which has limited shelf life on Part Master and for which the user has or whishes to specify the working life Definition of the part.

hmtoggle_plus1Shelf Life4

The shelf life field will show the number of day's shelf life as defined on the part master for the selected part number.  This is a read only field.

hmtoggle_plus1Sub Lot Level4

Shelf life is controlled per lot or in rare circumstances per serial number.  Working life however is only being consumed while the article is not in its prescribed storage environment.  The working life of a part therefore does not get consumed while in proper storage. If a part is packaged in containers or units where multiple containers or units constitute a manufacturing lot which has the same Shelf Life expiry date but can individually be removed from storage and therefore consume working life individually then working life should be recorded at sub lot level. When this check box is checked, then the system will force the entry of a sub lot number in the location field to save the sub-lot and still only have one lot number.

hmtoggle_plus1Working Life Hours4

Working life hours is defined per part number. The hours are the number of hours that the inventory in it's current state can be kept outside of the predefined storage facility at an environmental condition not the same as the prescribed storage condition. The Hours specified here will default to the Remaining Working Life field on the pop-up screen that appears when receiving a part which has limited shelf life. The value can however be over typed if some working life has been consumed during transport.