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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



When a new row for a part serial/lot number combination is entered and the add button is clicked the record is written to the table. The add button will only be enabled for new records added in the grid and for which a quarantine action is selected.


A current shelf life record can be changed by selecting the record and changing either the expiry or manufactured date. Please not that if a date is changed a comment must be entered in the comments field.


If the shelf life of a part can be extended and the user placed the part in quarantine and created a quality reference number, the shelf life will be extended by the adding of an additional row in the grid for the selected part and serial/lot number if the extend button is clicked.

hmtoggle_plus1Grid 1

The records in the grid will be the all the shelf life records of the part selected. If a serial/lot number has been selected the records displayed will be only those for the selected part and serial/lot number combination. There may be more than one row for a selected part and serial/lot number in the grid as a result of the extension of the shelf life expiry of the part.

In the grid, the data displayed will be those for the serial/lot number, Expiry Date, Manufactured Date, the order number against which the part was procured or manufactured, or if it is an extension of the existing shelf life of the part, it may contain the order number of the maintenance order against which the parts shelf life was extended.

The order type, line number and completion date of the above mentioned order number is displayed in the next columns.

The quality reference number can be from the Quarantine action performed to either specify the shelf life of a part or to extend the shelf life is no order is used.

hmtoggle_plus1Jump To & Go

The function selected from the drop down list will be called with the selected part when the go button is clicked.

hmtoggle_plus1Part Description

The part description of the selected part will be displayed.

hmtoggle_plus1Part Number

Part numbers will be populated from the part master with parts whit limited shelf life and where the number of shelf life days is greater than zero. When a part is selected the list below will populate with the total shelf life history of the selected part. If the part has no shelf life records, the user can enter a shelf life record for the part of existing stock or stock that have been received via an un planned receipt or a stock adjustment up and where a quarantine action exists for the selected lot or serial number of the part.

hmtoggle_plus1Serial/Lot Number

If the serial number or lot number of a part is entered the list displayed will be limited with records for the selected serial/lot number of the part.