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Part Shelf Life Expiry

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The function Part Shelf Life Expiry is used to store and manage the shelf life expiry of a part which has limited shelf life as indicated on the Part Master. The data will be inserted into the table when the parts are received into inventory via either the Supplier to Stores, Inspection to Stores or Production to Stores movement functions. After clicking apply on the movement function, a pop up form will ask the user to specify the shelf life expiry date and the manufactured date. Note that only Serialised or Lot controlled parts can have limited shelf life managed via the system. When receiving a part via the Unplanned Receipt/Stock Adjustment Up function and for the Lot Number or Serial number received there is no record in the Part Shelf life Expiry table of the part's shelf life expiry for the received lot, the user must place the part in quarantine and Launch a Quarantine Action. After successful launch of a quarantine action the shelf life of the received part can be entered via the Part Shelf Life function.

If a Parts Shelf life is marked as extendable on the Part Master the shelf life can be extended using this function by first placing the stock under quarantine and adding a Quarantine Action. The shelf life can also extended by adding a Maintenance order via the Order Master function. When the part is received from the maintenance order the shelf life can be either confirmed or a new date can be selected and the shelf life for the lot or serial number will be extended by adding a new record for the part in the Part Shelf Life table.

The record in the Part Shelf Life table continues to exist even after all stock for a part has been issued or, a new record has been entered for a lot when it's shelf life was extended.

When analyzing the shelf life of a part only the record with the Maximum expiry date will be taken into account.

The function also has Shelf life expiry analysis functionality on the second and third tabs. Shelf life analyses for can be performed for all Divisions or a specific Division, when a division is selected It can also be done for all stores or only a specific store. Other parameters that may be entered includes Part Planner, Commodity Code and Project.

The user can select if he/she wants to have a lists of parts where the Shelf life has already expired.

The second selection will give parts where the shelf life will expire with in the next specified number of days.

The third selection will produce a list of parts where the remaining shelf life calculated as a percentage of the number of days between the manufactured date and the expiry date. This will produce a list where the calculated percentage is less than the specified percentage.  .

The forth selection will produce a list of parts with an expiry date prior to the selected date.

There is also an option to select parts of which the shelf life will expire as per the Commodity Code settings of the parts commodity code. The part commodity code can determine that the parts to be selected must be selected either when the shelf life expires within the parts lead-time, or a number of days before the expiry date or when the part has less than a selected percentage of it's shelf life remaining.

The third tab will produce a list of the items selected according to the settings discussed above.