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Part Shelf Life Management

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The purpose of the function is to define the Shelf life parameters regarding the extendibility of shelf life aswell as the working life definition of the part if working life is applicable.

The First tab is used to predefine the Shelf life extensions of a part for which shelf life can be extended. Shelf life extensions are defined in days and will be interpreted by the Shelf Life Expiry function, MRP as well as the store to order requirements movement functions.

Shelf life expiry, it's extensions and the interpretation thereof by MRP, and other functions is governed by the settings on the commodity code of the part.

The last tab is used to define the Working life of a part. Working life is expressed in hours. Indicating that the part is subject to Working life it automatically implies that the pat is managed at sub-lot level.  The Sub lots are smaller packaging units of a lot that can be removed from the store independently of the other units in the lot.