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Part Substitute Inquiry

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This function allows the user to determine substitute parts for a specified part number. The user has the option to view Standard Substitutes (As specified in the table “Part Standard Item” or BOM Substitutes (As specified in the table “Product Structure Substitutes”) by selecting one of the options.

The default selection is “Standard Substitutes”.

If the user selects BOM Substitutes then a manufactured part number must also be selected as allowed substitute parts may vary per manufactured part.


For the allowed substitute parts the function will display relevant data in the frame “Substitution Candidates” i.e. stock on hand quantity, stock on order quantity and the open requirements quantity etc..

If the user now clicks on a row in the “Substitution Candidates” frame the system will for the selected substitute part if a supplier cataloque  exist,  display in the frame “Supplier Cataloque Detail” the cataloque data.


Where available for purchased parts the last purchase price and last purchase date will be displayed on the function.


The following Functions will be able to jump to the “Part Substitute Inquiry” function.

Order Master

Purchase Orders

Stock Purchase Order Requisition

Purchasing Analysis

Works Order Analysis