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hmtoggle_plus1Grid Columns

The results of the selected parameters will be populated on the Printing tab in a grid format. selecting the printing tab will execute the populate command for the grid.

The tab will be populated with the data relevant to the following columns: Select, Part Number, Part description, Serial/Lot Number, Sub Lot Number, Report Name which refers to the label to be printed,Copies which is the number of labels to be printed, Quantity referring to the movement quantity or Location Quantity depending on the Print mode selected, Division , Store , Location, Movement From, Movement to if printed from Movement, Date Time if printed from movement, Pack Quantity.

The columns Copies and Pack quantity can be edited. Depending on the Label layout, the labels of the selected rows in the grid will be printed.

Apply When clicking apply the selected rows from the grid will be printed on the printer that were selected on the print library of the selected report. Different style labels can be printed depending on the report layout as specified in the selected report.