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Sales Control

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This tab is applied for product settings in the area of sales control.

The sales manager is responsible to define these settings and rules via the sub tabs provided for Profit margins, Trade discount matrix and Employee authorization.

A sub tab to view associated marketing permits is also provided.


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:


hmtoggle_plus1Enfoce Allocate Or X-Ref Before Release Of Sales Order

This check box is unchecked by default.  If checked, all the requirements on the product or spare sales line, must either have stock allocated or be cross referenced to a replenishment order before the sales order line can be released.


This implies that, if this check box is checked, no sales order line can be added with a status of released and that the order line can only be released for execution  once adequate stock on hand and stock on order has been allocated to the sales order line requirements.   The checkbox setting applies only to sales order lines where "Explode Requirements" is unchecked.