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Product Structure Base Line

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This function enables the user to view the product and its structure at the time the order was created.  When the Order was added into the system at the beginning of the process a base line was saved and any changes made to the structure by means of changing quantities or versions will not be available to this function.


By selecting certain fields at the top, information can be displayed to determine the status of the original Product Structure.


RETALED TOPIC: Product Structure and Product Structure Navigation


On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



This listbox will display the Part Number and Description, Quantity Ordered and Completed and the Project Node number for each part in the structure.

hmtoggle_plus1Order Detail

Detail from the order the user want displayed can be refined by selecting certain fields.  Order number and Order Line fields are mandatory.


When all the needed information is added, this button can be clicked to display the results in the Listbox.