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Base Uom Quantity Per

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This mandatory field is applied to express the quantity required

of the component part to assemble/manufacture 1 of the selected

parent part.


The value can be expressed up to 5 decimals.

A negative value can be entered when linking a component that

represents a by-product, but only if "Allow Linking of By Products"

has been checked on the Part Master record of the selected Parent

Part Number.

No requirements will be created via the Product structure for a

component with a negative quantity per.


When linking a component as a QA piece, the qty per will be forced

to be 0.00 The formula to calculate the number of QA pieces to be

made is done on the tab "QA and extra pieces".


The cost generation function also applies the specified "quantity per"

in conjunction with the component's cost to calculate the material

value of the parent part. If the quantity per is a negative value, the

rolled up cost will be a negative value as well thus lowering the total

calculated value of the parent part.


Also see Alternate UOM Qty.