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How To Associate A Component Part With A Maintenance Task

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Some of the components in the product structure are also required as spare parts for maintenance and operation tasks.


NOTE:  The task must already exist before a component can be linked to it.  Tasks are

         created and linked to repairable parts with the Part Operations function.


The following steps are to be performed in order to link a spare part to a maintenance task:


1.        Click on the Structure Maintenance tab.


2.        Click on the right "Method" button until it shows.


3.        Enter and selected the number of the parent for the component that is required as a spare.


4.        Select the parent from the list by clicking on its part number.  All the components linked directly to the parent will be shown in the Linked Components list box.


5.        Select the component required as a spare from the Linked Components list box by clicking on it.


6.        Click on the LSA Data tab.  Enter the part number of the repairable part to which the task is linked, in the Task Part field.


7.        Select the correct LSA Task Part from the drop down combo by clicking on it.  All the maintenance and operator tasks linked to the part will be populated in the Number drop down combo.


8.        Select the task to which you want to link the spare by clicking on it.


9.        Click the Apply button to confirm the link.  The spare is now linked to the selected task (highlighted in the "LSA Tasks" list box).