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Display Tree Structure

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On this tab the following fields can be viewed:



This is a read only field that displays the total quantity of components that exists in the BOM.

hmtoggle_plus1Detail For

This field displays the part in the tree structure that has been selected.

It is thus the detail for the parent/component selected in the structure for which BOM and Part master data is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.


If you set focus (click) on this field, you can apply other system features, such as clicking the  camera icon to view a picture of the part, or use F7 to go to the function Part master to view more detail for the part.

hmtoggle_plus1Expand up To Level

The value in this field defaults to 1, having the effect that only the 1st level in the structure is displayed in the tree.

All levels in the tree indicated with a "+" sign, indicates that it's structure can be further expanded.

You have the option to manually open selected portions of the tree structure by clicking in the tree on the "+" sign to expand that portion of the structure, OR You can use this spinner that is provided to open the complete structure up to a specific level. spin control to specify the product structure level.

If, for example, you have opened the structure up to level 5, you can reverse this but setting the spinner value to 4 or 3 or back to 1 to obtain a single (1st) level view.


The "Export" button enables the user to export the navigation output when clicked.


When the "Export" button is clicked, the Export function is opened allowing the user to export the navigation output to the required application.

hmtoggle_plus1Max Level

This is a read only field that populates with the existing levels in the selected BOM.


This is a read only field that displays the choice made on the first tab whether the user selected the Implode or Explode mode.

hmtoggle_plus1Part Detail

Displays the detail for the part selected on the "Navigational Parameters" tab.

hmtoggle_plus1Product Structure

On this tab the tree structure is displayed as per selected criteria on the 1st tab, (such as direction, "stop at", project, effective date and others) and opened to the level selected by the user.


Some detail for the structure is displayed in the tree, such as:


A "+" sign, indicating that the structure can be further expanded,


The Part source (M = manufactured, P = Purchased, N= Phantom, S = Subcontracted, I= Interplant, C= Customer furnished),


The level in the structure, shown in brackets e.g. (1)  and always starts with 0 and expands up to the user-defined level,


The part number in the structure followed by the part description,


The "Qty" (being the quantity per in the bill of material)


The "Comp qty" (being the composite quantity per as exploded through multiple levels),


The "Project", where applicable Project specific baselines are viewed.



IF you select a record in the structure, many details for the Parent/component link in structure, as well as some Part Master details, Part drawing revision details, and project WBS detail (if applicable) are displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

You may also click the list headings to sort the details by Field name or Table name.

A further option is to export the structure and save it as a Word or Excel document (use the "EXPORT" button provided), or to select the "Summarized view" option.


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