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Product Structure Navigation

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This function is applied as a product structure (BOM) inquiry tool and allows you to navigate through a product structure either in "Explode" (top-down) or "Implode" (bottom-up) mode.  It provides various options relating to the effectivity date and the level of detail to be displayed.  The user can view past, present, and future versions of the product structure baseline or can view project/contract specific product structures for a specific internal configuration serial number.


The function also provides a summarised view of the product structure with a variety of column options and selection criteria to govern the output results.



The user must have a security profile linked to the function Product Structure Navigation with an access allowed of Inquire to access this function.


This function is not applied for maintenance of the BOM, but is applied to perform a multi-level navigation through a Product structure (Bill of material) in either "Explode" mode (top-down view of the structure) or "Implode" mode (bottom-up where-used view).


Various options are provided relating to the effectivity date of the BOM and the extent to which the structure must be exploded or imploded based on "stop at" options regarding part source codes and other part attributes such as MRI, MRP-planned, MPS and others.


Past, present and future views of the engineering baseline can be performed and the function also allows viewing of contract/project specific baselines and a view of the baseline for a specific configuration end-item serial number.


The results of the view settings are displayed in a tree structure and the user can open the structure to the desired level. The structure can also be exported to MS Word or Excel.

Although the function primarily navigates the Product structure, settings are also provided to include all linked Documents and even the Document structure.

If selected, all documents that are linked to component parts displayed in the tree structure will also be listed (including every document's own structure if the option was checked).

While navigating through the structure and clicking on a specific link, all the attributes of the product structure parent/component, pegging manufacturing- and maintenance operations as well as Part Master and drawing revision data will be exposed, as well as any linked QA pieces or extra pieces.

From a selected link, access is also gained to inquire on substitutes/alternates and positioning/annotation data.

If Part pictures were linked, visual pictures of the assemblies and components can be viewed during the navigation process.


A summarized view of the BOM, with composite quantities is also provided, including multiple view parameters and user-selectable options regarding display columns and other criteria.


Critical/composite lead-time analysis can be performed via this function and options are provided to either include or exclude components that are "utilized only" and to include or exclude components that are "QA pieces"

The tab "View additional pieces" can also be accesses to obtain a multi-level view of all links in the product structure where the type of link is either "E" (extra pieces" or "Q" (QA pieces) and to check if the calculation method for the extra- or QA pieces has been predefined.