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Product Structure Process Types

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This function is applied to predefine the process types that may require additional pieces to be planned in the Product structure (BOM).

The additional pieces may be required as extra material (for spillage, chuck allowance and others) or QA pieces (to demonstrate that manufacturing processes are under control by manufacturing additional pieces for QA purposes).

Thus, prior to linking additional pieces in the BOM, this function needs to be applied to maintain the process types (reasons) for the requirement for additional pieces.

These process types may include heat treatment, milling, drilling, spillage, check allowance and others.

Only active process types defined via this function will be displayed for selection when the calculation methods for additional pieces are defined via the function Product Structure.

The tab "Maintain process types" is applied to add, delete and maintain the various process types".

The tab "Linked product structures for process type" is applied to view the application of a selected process type and will list all the product structure links and calculation methods for extra pieces or QA pieces where the reason/process type matches the process type selected on the this function.