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Reference Parent

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This drop down combo is visible when the "Method" buttons are

(Explode) and  (Explode) and the action is

the "Same-As Adding" from parent to parent.


It refers to the item number of the parent from which components

are copied when "Same-As Adding" is done for a maintained parent part.


It is populated with all Part Numbers of items that exist as parent parts

in the Product structure table, and also displays the Descriptions, Source,

Fixed Account and Serial/Lot Control attributes of the parts from the

Part Master table.


Take note that when a Project specific Bill of material is to be added,

the Maintained parent and reference parent will be forced to be the

same, since a Project specific BOM must be created by copying the

standard BOM as the baseline for the Project BOM. After this has

been done, the project BOM can be maintained to differ from the

standard BOM.


The number of characters to be entered before the list is shown

is governed by the value of "populate length" (mandatory).