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QA and Extra pieces

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The QA and extra pieces tab is applied where extra material (for spillage, chuck allowance and others) need to be provided for or where the need for QA pieces (to demonstrate that manufacturing process is under control by manufacturing additional pieces for quality assurance purposes) is specified. The tab can be accessed if a component with type of link "E" or "Q" is selected and the tab is then applied to specify the calculation method for such extra pieces or QA pieces.


“Extra Pieces” is an additional quantity applied to the existing link between the material and the manufactured component. The additional quantity  is used for example to cater for chuck allowance, non-usable residual material length after cutting, etc. The Extra Pieces option should be used for instances where extra material is thus required for testing and the system will inflate the required quantity of the material on the production order for a manufactured part to enable the picking of the std qty as well as the additional qty.


“Quality Assurance (QA) Pieces” is basically an extension of the product structure by means of a “phantom” part which will represent the test piece that needs to be manufactured. It thus requires that you have to create a part number for the phantom test piece part and link the material to the phantom with a quantity required to manufacture one quality test item and then link the phantom to the manufactured part. Part operations can also be linked to the test piece part number.


The QA pieces option should be used for instances where you plan to manufacture an additional item to use for testing/qualification purposes.


Quality Assurance (QA) pieces can only be specified if a phantom part number exist for the QA Item. This will enable you to manufacture the QA pieces using the same works order number and lot as for the manufacture part (the idea is to follow the same process used for the manufactured part to manufacture the QA item. The QA item is then applied to qualify the manufacturing process).


Product Structure Process Types:  When defining Extra and QA pieces the system requires that you specify the reason for the extra quantity of the material required. User defined “Product Structure Process Types” must be specified before the Extra Pieces functionality can be used.