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Released Purchase Order Generation

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The Released Purchase Order Generation function is used to create released purchase orders dependent on the mode selected on the PO Line Defaults tab.


Released purchase orders can be printed via the Released Purchase Order Generation or Purchase Orders or Print Documentation functions.


To release a purchase order, the following three steps are to be followed:


1.Add a purchase order header on the PO Header tab.


2.Enter purchase order line defaults on the PO Line Defaults tab.  The data entered on this tab will be defaulted to the individual lines selected on the Detail For Order tab.


3.On the Detail For Order tab, enter data as per the mode selected on the PO Line Defaults tab.


The function can perform the conversion to a foreign currency and different unit of measure. This allows the purchase of items from a supplier who deals in a foreign currency and/or a different unit of measure. The purchase order can also be printed and previewed via the functions, Print Documentation and Purchase Orders Overview tab.  The number of copies can be specified and a printer selected.


For non stocked and service requisitions where the payment currency on the requisition is not equal to the base currency, the system will when the user via the conversion screen changes the base price, automatically update the base unit price on the non stocked requisition and the base required amount on a service requisition.

Note: This will only be done if the foreign amount (This is the amount authorised by the responsible account or node person) is not changed.

This change of the base amounts is also subject to the normal requisition rules.


The following System Configuration settings have an impact on the releasing of purchase orders:


Purchase Order Manual Release (No Source Order)

Purchase Orders Planned to Release Allowed

Purchase Order Release Option

Purchase Order Release Price Default

Requisition (PO) Down Adjust Default

UOM Force Predefine of Conversion

Settlement Days Min (Purchase Orders)

Purchase Order Release Back-To-Back With Sales Allowed


The following Division Rules on the Division function also have an impact on the releasing of purchase orders:


Division May Place Purchase Orders

Purchase Price Variance Warn Percentage

Purchase Price Variance Stop Percentage

Purchase Price Variance Warn Amount

Purchase Price Variance Stop Amount


On this function the following tabs exists

Detail For Order

PO Line Defaults

PO Header